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Magicgame4 : The Zandimobile

Principle of the game :

The Zandimobile broke down in the desert
So Zandi needs your help!
You must help him to fix his car by looking for the 10 parts he lost.
These are scattered in the desert or the fissure. They are included in 10 markers of the file that you receive when you send the command : Magicgame4 to the robot

Whenever you find a piece, send to the robot the name of this piece included in the marker (without the number).
If the code is correct, you will receive a hint to find the next piece.

In addition, each marker has a own number. Please note this number on a sheet of paper, and when you find all the missing parts, add the 10 numbers and send the result to the bot.
If the total is correct, you will be transported near Zandi and the vehicle will start.

Zandi will then give you a code that will allow you to find out where he goes.
Whenever you type this code in Magic Relto-Cleft if a robot is present, the bot will always teleport you at this place...hehe!

Send this code to the bot and you will discover this place that you can visit with magic commands of the robot. cheers

Good luck!

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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