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Magicgame3 or how can we tame a quab?
Location: Magic Er'cana

This game is different. Here, you must place a crab fallen straight from Ahnonay in 3 different locations in the canyon of Er'cana.

When you send the command Magicgame3 to the robot, it will teleport you to the hill and it will drop off close to you a crab of Ahnonay. You will also receive a beautiful photo of the "Quab" because this is its name.

When you approach the crab, it tends to want to escape. Therefore, you must adjust your movements to make it go in the direction you want. A tip : don't run when you approach it, otherwise, it gets away!
If it falls into the crevasse, you must start the game again ! Then pay attention to this area!!! affraid

Look at the first picture that the robot sent to you : Deck.

After you have placed the robot here, you send the command deck to the bot.
If the Quab is in its place, then you will get another pic which show you the next place where you must put the crab.
If it is not in its place, the robot will tell you. Adjust its position and send again to the bot the command deck. You can use the command as many times as necessary.

Same principle to the third and final destination.
Careful. the more you progress, the mroe the area will become narrow

When you have placed the crab to its final destination, you will receive a file containing coordinates of many beautiful points of teleportation that you can reach with the command Agoto.

You can play this game alone or with others to encircle the Quab so that it moves faster to these positions.

If you send the command Magicgame3 while another player is already playing, the bot will tell you and it will offer to play in collaboration with the other player. Ask this player, by courtesy, if he needs help. Otherwise, you must wait that he finished his adventure. Sometimes, a player left the Quab then nothing prevents you from sending again Magicgame3 and to play to your turn.

It may happen that when you want to play this game, the Quab doesn't move when you approach it. If this happens, exit and come back to Er'cana. Send again the command : Magicgame3. It should be unlocked.

Have Fun!
Very Happy

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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