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Location : Magic Er'cana

Principle of the game :

Woofly the Bahro companion of the bot has escaped and is hiding somewhere in Er'cana.
The goal is to find him and bring him back to his master or mistress.

Fortunately, Woofly has a detector necklace.
When you send the command Magicgame2, the robot will send you a receiver "Petreceiver". This is actually a markers race. You will also receive the photo of Woofly.

Markers are in fact an evidence that Woofly was where you find the marker. Each of them will give you an indication of where the Bahro went. Each marker has a code. Return this code to the robot so that it gives you an indication of where Woofly could be. Look for the next marker there.

When you find the Bahro, look at his necklace and capture the last marker contained in this necklace.
Send the code in this marker to the robot and you will see the final animation.

This is the first information : The last time Woofly has been seen, he was in the water.

You can stop the game at any time and resume later.
To resume the game where you left off, send to the robot present at Er'cana the command : Continue

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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