Introduction to interactive games

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Introduction to interactive games

Post  LuMagic on Mon 18 Mar 2013 - 15:11

Each interactive game with robots are available to play only if the bot is in the age where this game takes place.
For example, to be able to play to Magicgame1 at Magic City, a robot must be in Magic City because the robot should provide you with information as and when you progress. You understand that if the robot is not with you in this age, it can't help you and therefore you can't play.

Each game has a help and a markers game that the robot sends you when you send the command magicgame.

Because you will must find markers, you must have completed the Great Zero Markers (greens and reds)

In some cases you will find clues to these markers, in others you will receive photos.
Take note of the codes and instructions given by the markers that you find. I advise you, before you start to play, run the command / startlog to save the chatlog on your hard drive and read again the indications given by the markers or the robot during your progression.

You can always stop the game and resume it later. Your game is saved.
If you lose a markers game, you can still retrieve it with the command SendMe.
Send this command to the bot. It will send you a list of markers games. Look at the number that corresponds to the game that you want to recover and return to the robot the command SendMe tracking this number.
If the game you want to recover is not in the robot, you can always ask to Mister Magic who will be pleased to send it to you. Very Happy

For each magicgame, you should use the movements magic techniques .
Attention. It is impossible to capture a marker if you are in float mode. To capture, position yourself above the marker in float mode and send Land you are falling on this marker and you will capture it.

Some markers are visible, others are hidden. Look at the pictures and the indications given by the robot or markers.

The following topics describe these games without giving you the solutions obviously! Laughing

Have Fun.


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Magic games

Post  philipgr on Thu 30 Jul 2015 - 12:38


I am thoroughly enjoying playing the magicgames. I have played two so far and have started playing the Magic Treasure Game which is really fun.


I see you say that if you use float you need to send off the land command to capture a marker. I have found that if I use turn and walk inconjunction with float I am able to capture the marker

Smile Smile Smile


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Re: Introduction to interactive games

Post  Mister Magic on Fri 31 Jul 2015 - 20:19

Hello Phil.

In fact, it was necessary to send LAND command to capture a marker when we were on float mode.
I say it was because, since the use of new physics, it is no longer necessary. Even on float mode, a marker can be captured if we reach it.


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Re: Introduction to interactive games

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