Introduction to Magic Winter Teledahn

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Introduction to Magic Winter Teledahn

Post  LuMagic on Sun 24 Feb 2013 - 16:12

The magic age is built as the age of Teledahn.

There is a mixology of Dereno, giving a winter look to this age.

You will discover a very different landscape from what you usually see : a true spirit of winter sports. santa

Thanks to the magic in movement commands, you can access lots of fascinating places and you can go on the backs of birds or fishes.

The world of Shroomie awaits you. You can see this animal in close up.
Shroomie takes you on his back and you will go under water and in the air.

Other commands allow you to reach 15 special teleportation points.

You will visit the Sharper office in snowy city and you can see the Christmas tree with your friends.

At the end of Magicgame5 (interactive game), you can visit the spy room and go in the building in front of the room, thanks to the magic of movement commands.

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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