Commands for fun

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Commands for fun

Post  LuMagic on Sun 24 Feb 2013 - 16:02


With these two commands, you can fly a few moments on the backs of birds and visit this age from the sky.
After 30 seconds, you will land on the ground


With these commands, you can swim on the back of large fish in the aquarium Teledahn.
The robot will take you back to the bridge a few seconds later.

Call Shroomie

By sending this command, you will be teleported to the grain silo in the harbor of Teledahn and you can see Shroomie close to you.


This command will take you a few seconds on the back of Shroomie then gets you back on the ground.

Power on
Power off

You can use these commands to mute or unmute the power energy of age. So you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere without the noise of machines.


Use this command to reset the cable car and be able to get in it and go to the Control Room.


This command allows you to play an interavtive markers game with the robot.
See the special section about these games.

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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