Introduction to K'Veer

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Introduction to K'Veer

Post  GHMAGIC on Sat 23 Feb 2013 - 18:48

Magic Kveer is built with single age age of Magicbot Kveer base with mixology and Myst.
It seemed logical to place these two ages simultaneously.
In addition, Myst is placed just below Kveer. You can even see the black box containing the scripts Myst above the stairs to the right of the main balcony.

Few changes have been made ​​at this age. The linking book to Myst has been removed because it linked to the own Myst of avatar, whereas with mixology, we can easily go there directly and receive several orders magical robot to visit. The command is Very Happy: Visit Myst

Myst is a clone. The 2 doors are opened and you can see the scenery and rear K'Veer below. You can have fun to walk in space and see some objects hidden behind the Myst fireplace.
Here are some pictures.

There are 10 points teleportation from K1 to K10.
These points were only available for skydivers because they are very difficult to achieve.
These points are easily accessible now thanks to magical commands. Very Happy

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