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Commands for fun

Post  GHMAGIC on Sat 23 Feb 2013 - 18:19

K1 to K10 :

There are 10 points in this age of teleportation magic.
These points are based on those used by skydivers using an angle formed by a pillar and the wall of the room Myst linking book to perform combos and climb over this wall.

Here, thanks to magical commands, you can go directly to these 10 points.

to Myst

This command will take you directly into the small room of the library Myst.
As it is a clone mixed with age main Magic Kveer all magical commands can be used.

As you will see, 2 doors were open, allowing you to see outside. On one side of the stage and the other Kveer underneath Kveer.
I suggest you to use magical command "float 0" behind the chimney to see K'Veer linking book and a Yeesha page, and see also a blank page with a header and signature as you can see in this photo:


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