Commands of teleportation in this magical Age

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Commands of teleportation in this magical Age

Post  LuMagic on Sat 23 Feb 2013 - 17:14

Cl1 to Cl15

By typing one of these commands, you will be teleported to special places of this magical age.
Some will send you to places you can't go if you don't know these points before. Others were only accessible with skydiver techniques and one of them will send you to the end of the age near the precipice which will sends you to Relto if you venture there. Laughing


This command takes you to the Relto of MagicBot. You can then link to Magic Hood using the library linking book and become a member of this neighborhood. Read the post in the topic devoted to Magic Hood.

Visit Cl

This command takes you back to Magic Cleft if you lose your way in this magical age.

Visit Kv

This command will paginate Magic Kveer and Magic Myst. Kveer is not far from the clock of Relto near the crater of the volcano of Cleft. Myst is under Kveer. You can go there after you paginated Kveer with the command Agoto 34 14 -3


This command will lead you directly to the Zandimobile.
You can safely go close to this vehicle, unlike the normal one (Cleft in the rain) which, when you approach the vehicle, will freeze your avatar.


This command allows you to play an interactive markers game with the robot and if you finish this game, you will discover Magic Descent.

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.



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