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Commands for Fun

Post  LuMagic on Fri 22 Feb 2013 - 15:38

Ercana tour

With this command, you will receive a race of markers that explains to you step-by-step magical commands of movements.
I urge you to make this explanatory race because you learn how to use these general commands because there are common to all ages.
Your race begins at the age link in spot (as when you normally link to Er'cana).
Capture the first marker and follow the instructions.

Rails on and Rails off

The first command places the rails of the harvester in the canyon and the second removes them. In both cases, the vehicle can fly but without rails, you will have the impression of fly on a hovercraft.

Tube open and Tube close

Opens or closes the right tube in the entrance of the factory.
By opening the tube, you can go below this entrance and visit this usually
hidden part.
Be careful, if you go through the foundation wall of the factory, the floor is unstable, so you go straight into your Relto. So if you want to see what goes on behind, you must do a float 1.
Very Happy

Pellets [x]

Go to the pellets oven at the bottom of the factory and pull the left lever to reset the oven.
Then send the command Pellets [x] to the robot. [x] is an integer. This number will determine the quality of your pellets.
The robot will come close to you. Your pellets will cook in a few seconds Surprised Laughing then the bot goes back on the heights of Er'cana.
You can then test the quality of your pellets, as you normally do, using the link book of "Er'cana City Silo" beside the oven.
According to the number you used, the silo will be illuminated in orange (too low), white (good pellets) or you will see an explosion (too much). I leave it to you to find the correct number. Laughing

To return to City Silo, you must connect to the robot with Link or Meet.

Gate open and Gate close

These commands allow you to open or close the barrier of the trailer of the harvester in the upper part of the factory.

Pools full and Pools empty

To fill or empty the water basins of the factory.
If you run the command Pools empty and you are in front of the disposal pipe, you will see the water flows. This shows the degree of precision in the design of this age.

Debris off and Debris on

Typing Debris off, the robot will come to the entrance of the pellets oven and will push the debris that obstruct the passage and then return to its home position.
The second command will place again the debris obstructing the passage.


This command will bring you the sparks which will stay this place until this command is sent again to the robot .

Thanks a lot to you Jan for your help.


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