What happened to her?

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What happened to her?

Post  Peke on Sat 7 Apr 2018 - 2:49

I followed TrapperDave.
Today, I found his post. And I was surprised. Sad
When Annabelle posted this, I was away from my computer for a while because my sickness was getting worse.
So, I did not know that something had happened to Annabelle.

She was our master.
She may be away from this space for a while. Crying or Very sad
We are very sad but as long as this is her way of choosing, we have to watch warmly.
In life, there may be times when it seems to be the culmination of happiness, and vice versa.
I also fell to the bottom of the misfortune when my illness worsened.

However, someday the rain stops and the sun shines.
We wish for her health and happiness.


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