The Hidden Treasures back to their spot!

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The Hidden Treasures back to their spot!

Post  LuMagic on Tue 25 Jul 2017 - 13:57

Stay stuned the QUEST 3 will be online soon.

Here some news about the game.

1- The Treasures back to their spot automatically!

As you know, if a treasure was found out by another explorer before you, and if you find out the location to your turn you receive, as compensation, the amount of value of that treasure.
But, Mister Maggic is sure you prefer to have the object itself in your backpack, to manage your belongings and make good deals with Zandi!

From now on, when a player resells a treasure to Zandi, if Zandi already has it in his stock, he will redeem it as usual, in addition, he will put it back to its original location!
So this will give an extra chance to a player who hadn't find out this item, to be able to pick it up.

Every time an object is back to its place, the bot warns the members of its neighborhood!

Just log in to the right Quest and try to be the first to find out this treasure.

Have you missed it once again? No problem, it will come back at a time when another when the treasure hunter who found it will return it to Zandi!

2- The fountains of wishes!

You may have already found out the fountain of wishes at Kemo But did you know that there was also one to Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal.
Examine these fountains and you will understand how they work!

3- The Quest 3 wwill be oline soon!

Its title "The buried Treasures!"

As the name suggests, it will have to dig to find out them!   affraid   rire
You will therefore need to discover a tool for this. But chutttttt, Mister Magic keeps his mouth closed. Let read what happen next in the Parchment!  study study study Laughing

Have Fun sunny


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