The treasures of the Quest 1 return to their spot!

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The treasures of the Quest 1 return to their spot!

Post  LuMagic on Sun 16 Jul 2017 - 18:46

As announced, Mister Magic has the pleasure to inform you that the Lanterns of Quest 1 got back to  their spot ! bounce victoire
If you have not captured them yet, now is the time!

Hurry up: it's a race against the clock! If they are captured again, they will have to wait for their next reappearance! study

If you had already found out only the location of one of these treasures, now, you can put it into your backpack by paying back the amount you received in compensation. This will be done automatically as soon as you have captured the treasure concerned.

And keep an eye on the bots ads. La Quest 2 "Les potteries" will be available this week! sunny


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