News rules about Captured Treasures

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News rules about Captured Treasures

Post  LuMagic on Wed 12 Jul 2017 - 20:05

Hello Fellows Treasures Hunters.

Mister Magic has a good news for you. sunny

In order to give to new players and to those who have been "overtaken" in the capture of some hidden treasures the luck to discover in their turn another hidden treasure, MM has made some changes in the program.

1. The capture of treasures
When a player has captured a treasure, he must wait at least 2 hours before sending the command TREASURE once again. This will leave a chance for others to find another treasure from the same quest.

2. Each week, it will be possible to discover some old captured treasures.
Indeed, up to now, if a treasure had been discovered by an explorer, the other explorers who discovered the empty location of this treasure received in compensation a sum equivalent to the nominal value in DNIG of this treasure and not the item itself.
As a result, they lose the pleasure of managing items and  they can't get benefit from the sale of these when their value is higher.

From now on, every week, some treasures can be captured again by the explorers who never got them.
The bot will warn you when this happens.

Three cases may arise :

    1- The player find out a treasure for the first time. In this case, he captures the treasure as usual.

    2- The player had already found out the empty location of this treasure before and had got  a compensatory sum.
       In this case, if he has enough money, he repays this sum and gets in return the treasure.

    3- The player has already found out this treasure, in this case, he will not be able to capture it again

But beware! It's always a race. It is the first explorer who captures a treasure that gets it in his backpack! It will be necessary to wait again until a treasure is put back to its location in order to be able to capture it to your turn.

2. The Item Stoke Quote.
The item stoke quote will now be 70 to 130 instead of 80 to 120.
Mister Magic  reminds you that the more the quote is above 100, the more valuable the item is and the less it is 100, the more it loses.
Item stoke quote is obtained with the command : SQ (STOKEQUOTE) in front of a newsstand of the Guild of  Financials . It is updated every 12 hours.

The Item Stoke Quote depends on 3 factors:

    The more rare it is, if there are only a few of it in circulation in the game (transported in the backpack of  the players or  in Zndi's shop or still to be discovered in the Ages).

    Of its fragility. An item in iron will degrade faster than a item in gold, for example.

    Of its resistance to corrosion. Some items will resist longer than others before they begin to degrade.

It is these three factors that are taken into account in the calculation of the  Item Stoke Quote .

So if you notice that an item you own has a high quote, it might be a good time to sell it to Zandi instead of keeping it in your backpack.
Do not forget that an item stored in your backpack will see its initial value change only 24 hours after its discovering or after buying it at the Zandi shop.

Last thing: the programming of the Quest 2 is ongoing and will be released very soon.
It will be named "THE POTTERIES"

sunny  HAVE FUN AND GOOD HUNT  sunny


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