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is a game of adventure and management in the Magical worlds of Uru Live.
There is a Bot to play the HT. For now, it will be MagicBot and/or MimiBot.
Later, some quests will take place in the Ages of the FMT (The Fabulous Magic Treasure) and so with the help of the Bots of those Magic Ages.

The Principle of the Game.

This game takes place in the form of distinct quests.
It is not necessary to complete a quest to start a new quest. All that is necessary to have is the Parchment of the Quest that one wishes to do.
Since these Parchments are not free, it will be necessary to manage our own inventory to have enough money (Dni $) to buy these Parchments.
The goal is to collect treasures scattered throughout the magical ages.
Each of them has a nominal value that varies over time depending on its rarity and natural wear and tear.
To find the spot of these treasures, you, explorer, will receive an explanatory Parchment for each Quest as well as a quest of markers, photos and several commands that will allow you to receive hints to progress.
It is with the help of the bots that you can find these spots. For this, you can use almost all the usual magic commands, for example to fly, walk, cross the walls, teleport yourself from one place to another, etc ...
So even if a marker seems difficult to capture, the magic commands will be there to help you do so.
I remind you that to get the list of general magic commands and those of a particular age, PM to the bot the command HELP. It will sent you a KIMail with the name of these commands.
Your progress in each quest is saved in real time in the bot's memory. In this way, if you change quests while the current quest is not completed, you can always resume it later to finish without losing your data.
There is only one command that allows you to start from scratch. This is the  command RESTARTHT. With this command, all your backup files will be deleted so you can start the game again as if you had never played HT.
Be very careful because this command is irreversible!

To begin to play, PM to the Bot the command HELLO or HI to know where he is standing in.
If the Bot doesn't already stand in the MagicHood SEND him there.
Then, link you to the bot as usual by PMing to him MEET ou LINK.
Last, sign up to the HIDDEN TREASURES (HT)by PMing STARTHT
Follow very carefully all the instructions given by the bot and start the adventure !
The first quest was done as a tutorial to familiarize yourself with the game and its new magical commands.
In principle, you just need to follow the bot's instructions and everything should be great for you.  rire     (ed's note rire  rire lol! )
Since this is a tutorial, a lot of explanations will be given to you. Thus, the Parchment that you will receive in the form of a KIMail will be relatively long because very explicit. Likewise, the help also will be.
This will no longer be the case in the other quests, so take the time to read everything and examine each image that will be sent to you.
This quest is essential to achieve because it is thanks to it that you will get the backpack needed to transport items. Without it, impossible to carry them!
You will also need to find the REVELATOR, a kind of GPS that will give you directions on where to find treasures and markers.
You will learn how to buy and sell items at the Zandi shop and manage your assets to make your earnings grow thanks to the Guild of the Financials.
You will learn how to make the most of the documents you receive: Parchments of quests, quest of markers, clues photos.
You will be able to examine items and discover other clues left in the Magical Ages or find DniG (Dni Gold) lost by other explorers.
Once you have found out these items and the first hidden treasure of the MagicHood, and you will be well acquainted with the commands of the game, then the adventure can really begin with the first quest: THE LANTERNS (*)
(*) This quest 1 is ongoing to be done and will be available very quickly.
Important to know
Normally, only Magic Hood members have the right to move bots from one Magical Age to another. But for the needs of the game, each player of the HT can do so even if he is not a member of the Hood. However, only the neighbors of MagicBot's Hood will be notified if another explorer has found out a new treasure.
If you wish to become a member of the Magic Hood, contact one of its members to become a neighbour.
When you play HT, some magical commands that may disrupt the game will be frozen.
But, as soon as you leave the game, you will again have the opportunity to use them.These are minor commands that can alter the appearance of Ages but this will not affect the main magic commands to move, for example.
In addition, since you will have to wear a special backpack during the game, your normal appearance will be saved in the bot's memory and will be give back to you when you leave the game.
This way, you will be able to visit again in the public instances of the Cavern without issue.
So, to quit the game properly, use the  command QUITHT (or easier QHT).

We wish you still have a good time with the Bots of the Magic Worlds in this New Saga:
                                                                                     The HIDDEN TREASURES (*HT)

sunny  Enjoy it sunny


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Mister agic welcome message to participants at the launch of game, July 8, 2017 at the Magic Hood.

Post  Mister Magic on Sun 9 Jul 2017 - 9:49

Welcome to the Magic Hood for the presentation of our new magical adventure game: The Hidden Treasures (HT)

I will be as concise as possible in order to allow you to play.

First of all, what I'm going to tell you is in our forum in the subject: The Hidden Treasures.

This is an adventure game but also involves a part of managment.

You will find the location of treasures scattered throughout all magical ages.

The adventure part is finding information about these locations.

You will need to examine objects and find markers that will give you clues to find these treasures.

The treasures you will reap in your backpack will take or lose value over time.

So it's up to you to figure out when you need to sell them to get the most out of it.

Who to sell? To Zandi, of course!: he is a formidable businessman!

If one of the treasures has already been found by another explorer, you will receive, as a damages, the equivalent value in DniGold.

Oh yes, in this game, the coin is the DiniGold or DniG. It's more than just a Dni$ of the FMT!

In this game you have a lot of help.

First, be aware that during your quest you will be able to use all the usual magic commands.
They will be useful for capturing markers and going to places only visible in these magical ages.

So, if you do not remember exactly any magic commands of a specific age, send the HELP command to the bot followed by the magic age name.
For example, here PM: HELP MBHood.
Remember that all magical ages start with MB.

Then there is for each quest, the HELPHT command (or more simply HHT) which will give you specific helps to the quest you are playing.

You must also know that in the big ages there will always be a map to be found. This map will indicate important spots to visit.
The sooner you find it, the sooner you know where to look.

You will also have at your disposal a kind of GPS that will tell you if there are markers or treasures to be found in the age you are visiting.

This device will connect to your KI and illuminate it if there is anything important to discover.

This object is called REVELATOR. You will get it here, during the preamble.

This important object only works if it has the SIM card corresponding to the quest you are playing.

For example, if you are playing Quest 5, you will need to find the SIM card 5 to activate the REVELATOR

You can change the quest at any time and resume a quest already started later, without losing your data.

Indeed, your progress is saved in real time in the MagicBot files.
The commands will be explained in the preamble.

But, to start a quest, you will have to buy its parchment.
It is in this parchment that you will know what you need to do.
Without this parchment, you will not be able to start the new quest.

To buy these parchment, you will need DniG.
You will get them through the discovery of the treasure places and the sale of these at the Zandi shop.

In addition, during your search, you will find some money hidden in certain objects.

Finally, there will be small games that will allow you to win DniG. You will discover one of them, here in the magic hood.

Every 24 hours, you will receive a loyalty bonus, when you send the command to the bot to continue your quest.

This bonus is at least 10 DniG and will increase depending on the treasures you have stored and also the "Souvenirs" found on your way.

These "Souvenirs" are remarkable objects that you will receive in your KI.
Keep them well as they will give you extra bonus.

There will be 1 "Souvenir" to be found per quest.

That's about all I have to say.

So you'll start with the preamble.

You'll find it easy because I've made it as a tutorial.

Most commands have abbreviations. For example, instead of sending HELPHT, you can use HHT.

Each command will be explained to you during this preamble.

As soon as you PM the command to start the game, everything will be explained to you to go to the end of the preamble.

Keep in mind that if you are blocked, the only command to do is HELPHT (or HHT).

The preamble takes place exclusively here at Magic Hood.
Thus, everyone can play without having to move the bot into another age.

Once again, learn the HT commands well with the preamble.
Do not hesitate to repeat it if you do not understand everything.

And, of course if you found a bug, please tell me.
To start the game, PM: STARTHT
Have fun!

Mister Magic #19032, Magic Bot 27527, Mimi Bot 71459, Game Master 26224, Magic-Treasure 24891, Mimi Treasure 21190
Mister Magic

Messages : 1434
KI# KI# : 19032. Mimibot:71459, Magicbot:27527,Game Master:26224,Magic-Treasure:24891,Mimi Treasure:21190
Date d'inscription : 2013-02-05
Age : 63
Localisation : Belgique

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