The most favorite game and the most difficult game (FMT)

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The most favorite game and the most difficult game (FMT)

Post  Grape on Wed 24 Aug 2016 - 2:21

All we families (four people) finished a game from Part 1 to Part 10. alien
As for us, each decided a most favorite and most difficult game.
Then the most favorite game was different from four people, but the most difficult game was the same opinion. Laughing

[This is the result]
What is your most favorite game?  And they also reason?

Toki : Treasure Ercana
Because Er'cana was my most favorite Age, it was fun to have been able to run around in this Age from the corner to the corner.

Peke : Treasure Cleft
Because I was able to run around in near the volcano and the area that could not be usually included including the other side of the fence freely. In addition, Marker Quest was very difficult.

ChuoLine201 : Treasure Kadish
Originally I like logical puzzles.
There was the picture puzzle including the logical element to this game.

Grape (Me) : Treasure City
There were right height of the flexibility such as the MYST series and the height of the degree of difficulty without knowing what I should do from a beginning.
Whenever there was new discovery, it was my surprise and joy.

What is your most difficult game?

Toki, Peke, ChuoLine201, Grape
"The Route to the Arch!!"

An orbit adjustment when I took the wrong way which I oneself goes is very difficult.
I lost my way many times and made splashing!!


By the way
Ending was too splendid, and, in City of Light of the final game, I was just  impressed!!

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Re: The most favorite game and the most difficult game (FMT)

Post  Mister Magic on Wed 31 Aug 2016 - 22:54

Thank you for your comments about the FMT Grape.

For me, I took great pleasure in designing and implementing all parts of the game.
As you can imagine, it took hundreds of hours to get there.
It took a lot of imagination to design new puzzles to solve but it is also what captivated me. I can not say what part was the funniest or most difficult to conceive. All required long hours of work and testing to get to the final realization.
Alot of you have enjoyed the game and there still those who start the game. This is the main for me.
I know some have remade the game twice or more. This is because they liked to play!

Thank you all!


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