New rules for the command DROP pellets in TLCity

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New rules for the command DROP pellets in TLCity

Post  LuMagic on Tue 23 Aug 2016 - 14:06

New rules for the command DROP pellets in TLCity!

Well, a huge modification is on its way regarding the "throw of pellets" in the lake of theCity of Light.
Keep informed, specially the 1rst of september.
Only treasure hunters who have completed the FMT are concerned because they  can throw a pellet into the lake to regenerate algae.

The Bahros of the City met recently to discuss a problem of fairness.

Here's the problem :
Since the early explorers were throwing pellets in the lake  to regenerate algae and produce the necessary energy for the cave, it is occured a competition between them to know who is the greatest treasure hunter of the moment.
For this, the Bahros reward those that feed the lake by throwing pellets by $ Dni.
The biggest treasure hunter is the one that got the most Dni $ since the beginning of the Adventure.

But this is an equity problem vis-à-vis of new players who have just launched their first pellet in the lake.
Indeed,  it is almost impossible for them to catch up with the frontrunners of the 3 best treasure hunters since the earnings gap is too great, unless one of the best 3 decides to stop competing.

So, after deliberation, in order to be respectful of equity, Bahros decided this:

Starting from next September, they will establish a list of the best 3 throwers of pellets of the month.
This means that from one month to the other each will have the same opportunity to climb one of the podium!

Practically, there will be a new data in your inventory: Drop$ which will record the total earnings obtained by the throw of pellets in the lake of the current month. Where classification is made, the 1st of the following month, the total is reset.
The general total of $ Dni collected since the beginning of the quest of each player will continue to increase but no longer count towards the rankings.

The top 3 players of  pellets of the month will receive a special award from the Bahro.
What reward?
Mister Magic knows nothing more than you about it, so, it will be a surprise! bounce

Well, Mister Magic hopes that this new rule will boost your desire to participate in the competition for the best thrower of pellets of the month.

Have fun !


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