Very wonderful new Magic Worlds Magic Dereno

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Very wonderful new Magic Worlds Magic Dereno

Post  ChuoLine201 on Sat 13 Feb 2016 - 18:44

Shorah Mister Magic!!
Thank you for splendid new Magic Worlds.

It can happen when I send this command by a message from Bot in Magic Dereno.

(02/14 02:21:47) From Magic Bot: A firework is already underway above the ice surface. You must first stop it with the command: FW STOP
(02/14 02:22:53) To Magic Bot: FW STOP
(02/14 02:22:54) From Magic Bot: To launch a fireworks in an Age, PM Help followed by the name of the Magic Age
(02/14 02:23:02) From Magic Bot: For exemple: Help MBHood.
(02/14 02:23:05) From Magic Bot: I hope this helps, and I'm learning every day. I look forward to your next question FREED.

Probably, between FW and STOP, I think that space is unnecessary.

(02/14 02:23:42) To Magic Bot: FWSTOP
(02/14 02:23:44) From Magic Bot: There is no more fireworks going on here.

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Re: Very wonderful new Magic Worlds Magic Dereno

Post  Mister Magic on Sat 13 Feb 2016 - 20:55

That's true Chuoline.
Tthe right command is : FWSTOP without space between FW and STOP.

Thank you to showed me that bug. It is fixed now ! alien

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