General information about Fireworks

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General information about Fireworks

Post  LuMagic on Tue 2 Feb 2016 - 15:53

It's thanks to the researches done by Magic Yoda that the fireworks have been incorporated into the magical ages.
It took hours of experimentation to succeed to create these spectacular effects stably and integrate them to the commands of the robots so that each player can trigger them whenever she/he wishes.

The lights are activated by a command that starts with FW (as Fireworks).
For example, to launch the fireworks over the Fountain of Eder Delin, the command is FWFOUN.

Whenever a spark is started, the bot informs players who stand in the age of its running.
Each light has different patterns grouped in cycles.
The cycles are repeated indefinitely until the player sends the command FWSTOP. This stops the automatic execution of the fireworks.

There may be several places in an age when fireworks can be launched but when a firework is running, you can not perform another one in this age. You must first stop it with the command : FWSTOP.

Good to know :

A player who links himself to an age when a firework is in progress, can't see it that from the next cycle. Why ?
You should know that these lights are created based on clones that existing in Relto. These clones are broadcasted to all players in an age through the server. So to be able to see these clones requires that players receive from the server, the "addresses" of these clones. And this can only be done by an initialization from the robot which sends to the players the commands of the viewing of fireworks. This initialization is done at each new cycle.
So when you arrive in an age when a firework is in progress (you see and hear the explosions), wait until a new cycle starts to see the figures.

As the creation is done gradually, for a list of commands visible fireworks in every age, use the command : HELP FIREWORKS.
On the other hand the command :  HELP, which allows you to receive help from the age rating in which the robot stands in, will also give you the commands of the fireworks, if there is one in this age .

Quick tip:
If the sky of the age in which takes place a firework is too bright, Mister Magic advises you to use the command : ASKYCOLOR that automatically changes the color of the sky.

We will keep you regularly informed of new achievements.

FWFAC à MBErcana

Have Fun   sunny


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